About LandPath

LandPath is a group of highly experienced professionals with over 40 years of experience working together in the land development and home-building fields.

We have developed a tried and true methodology for analyzing projects, a professional training program to teach our methodology to your staff, and an evaluation tool kit to help bank REO staff and groups of investors better understand their options when evaluating suburban residential development properties in foreclosure or distress.

LandPath works with you to pull all the pieces out, understand the implications of each component, and put them together so you know what you have.  With LandPath’s proven methodology and evaluation tools, you will have the data and analysis you need to weigh your options, avoid costly mistakes, and get the highest and best value from your property. We help you assess and understand your assets while investing in your most important asset, your people.

  • We are core team of engineers, land developers, builders, and marketing professionals with
    over 40 years experience working together
  • We have developed and sold thousands of acres of suburban residential and mixed-use developments
  • We have built over 20,000 homes
  • We have negotiated annexation agreements and delivered finished homes in municipalities throughout the Chicago metropolitan area as well as Southern Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Florida
  • We know what questions to ask, who to ask, and what to do with the answers

Meet the LandPath team.