Real Estate Services

We offer a range of consulting services for bank professionals and investors. LandPath will evaluate every aspect of your project, help you avoid costly mistakes, and provide you with solutions to achieve your objective.

Property Evaluation

Land development is a complex business, full of municipal, state and federal regulations on the one hand; and sensitive land use, aesthetic, and economic impact negotiations with communities on the other. Luckily, from concept to final plat approval, decisions and discussions are documented in several approving documents and recorded in ordinances and minutes from planning committee and municipal government meetings. Gathering and reviewing these documents can help new owners avoid costly mistakes.

  • How do you know what you have?
  • What are the current market conditions?
  • What is the market positioning for your property?
  • How can you recover the highest dollar?

We will review all approving documents, interview the Municipality, and provide a summary analysis highlighting key findings to ascertain the true status of the property. Knowing exactly what you have will allow you to put a plan in place to get the best return on your investment!

Property Evaluation Training

A development is like a black box with a price tag on it. You know what you paid for it, but you have no idea what’s really in the black box. Since most buyers want to see what’s in the black box before paying the sticker price, the buyer will need to equip themselves with tools, knowledge, and data that can help them gain maximum revenue from these assets.

LandPath offers professional development training for bank REO staff and investors. LandPath offers two levels of training:

  • Introductory – This two hour course is designed to help bank executives and investors learn what questions to ask when evaluating projects
  • Staff Training – LandPath will train your staff how to research and complete every phase of our Evaluation Tool Kit using a real and viable project as the case study

Land Asset Management

What do you do with your property now to maintain its value? You own a piece of land that has needs. What are the most cost efficient way to maintain this property? Do you need to file NPDES permits? Do you need annual water quality testing of the basins? What are your obligations to the HOA? Our LandPath experts can analyze the options and avenues available to ensure you are maintaining the highest value of your property.

We also offer full property management services, including maintenance (mowing or farming), permits, coordination with Village staff and HOA’s, and property tax investigations to minimize your tax liability.