Robert Schoen

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Work Phone: (847) 756-2123

Mobile Phone: (708) 533-6136

Robert D. Schoen, P.E. has earned a sterling reputation as an authority on land evaluation and land development. In starting LandPath, Inc. with other high-caliber land development consultants, Bob’s successful and extensive portfolio makes him an excellent advisor for investors and banks seeking guidance on how to get the most value from their REO and other land investments through property development.

For example, Bob successfully built a land development startup in 1992, Kennedy Land Development, Inc.. Under Bob’s leadership it grew to generate over $10 million annual revenues in Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. Bob is a highly regarded land development engineer and developer; his expertise in project planning for commercial and residential land use covers:

  • Market analysis and identification
  • Negotiations with land owners for acquisitions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site land planning and civil design
  • Zoning, annexation and platting
  • Public hearing presentations
  • Coordinating teams of consultants
  • Project financing
  • Budgets and pro-forma statements and analyses
  • Marketing and selling property

Bob Schoen’s inter-personal skills are much in demand to navigate the political, technical and bureaucratic landscape required to secure approvals and permits in land development today—such as developing sub-divisions. He enjoys negotiating with landowners to secure their land for fair prices; then assembling top consultant teams to evaluate site potential. Bob Schoen assures clients, “ With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of land development, I’m dedicated to ensuring superior outcomes for every consulting project I undertake.” A hard-earned reputation is indeed, priceless.