Stephanie St. John

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Work Phone: (847) 756-2150

Mobile Phone: (847) 638-4803

Stephanie St. John’s expert accounting skills, in-depth financial background experiences and management acumen are invaluable in researching and problem-solving land development, land finance and homebuilding projects. With over 30 years of related background experiences in land investment and land development services, Stephanie is a valued LandPath, Inc. consultant.

Since negotiating and selling a $23 million residential apartment project in 1989, Stephanie has earned a top-notch track record with professional expertise in:

  • Project management for projects to be completed on time and within budget
  • Preparing financial statements that maintain adequate equity
  • Analyzing financial statements to maintain financial stability
  • Preparing loan packages for multi-million dollar financing from banks
  • Preparing realistic proformas resulting in larger returns to the company
  • Enhancing cost reductions for more sizeable profits and ROIs
  • Improving sub-contractor relationships resulting in cost savings
  • Developing marketing surveys to research best practices for homebuilders

In her long tenure as vice-president of finance and administration (since 1977 to the present) for one of Chicago’s acclaimed residential home developers, Stephanie has made her mark as a true professional with the ability to innovate according to market forces and demands. Stephanie St. John says, “I look at the market research and analysis that goes into a project — and pull the black and white out from all the grey matter. Bankers and investors need to see quantitative research and statistics.”